THE WAR YEARS - Part II, The Next Generation
THE WAR YEARS - Part II, The Next Generation
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Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War
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In this sequel to The War Years, James Longbow and David Siegel fly B-29 bombers in Korea. They later find themselves flying a B-36 recon aircraft over Moscow and get shot down. Surviving their last mission they subsequently witness their two sons inducted as helicopter pilots in Vietnam.


In this sequel to THE WAR YEARS - When We Were Young, James Longbow and his best friend and brother-in-arms David Siegel, join the US Air Force Reserves, resulting in their flying B-29 bomber raids over North Korea. In the Cold War that followed, they were assigned a mission to fly a B-36 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft over Moscow to photograph Soviet air defense systems Having been shot down, captured, imprisoned and charged with external espionage, they eventually managed thru politics and stealth to return to the United States. Several years later, the Vietnam War emerges, and these two senior aviators watch their two sons, also aviators, drafted into the US Army as helicopter pilots with duty in Vietnam. During a helicopter rescue operation, these two young aviators are captured and incarcerated in a North Vietnamese prison camp. Their agonizing parents, desperate for a viable solution to rescue their sons, elect James Longbow, the senior officer and father, to execute a plan to liberate their two sons, whose chances depend largely on their own efforts with divine assistance.

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Cast Wish-List
  • James Longbow
    Male 28-52 Years old
  • David Siegel
    Male 28-52 Years old
  • Louise Songtag Longbow
    Female 28-52 Years old
  • Rachel Siegel
    Female 10-23 Years old
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