THE WAR YEARS - When We Were Young
THE WAR YEARS - When We Were Young
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World War II
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This is the story of two young couples who are drawn from their idealistic life in Western New York into the European theatre of World War II, and the young men become bomber pilots and the women nurses in the Army Air Corps, where their love brings them together.


This is the story of a young man, his boyhood friend and their two girlfriends enjoying the wondrous sailing life on Lake Ontario off the coast of Western New York while the clouds of a World War threaten their peaceful existence. The year is 1941 when the winds of war invade the shores of the United States and our two young men find themselves in the US Army Air Corps flying bombing raids from England over Germany. Their two American girlfriends join them in England as nurses in the Army Air Corps, where their passionate love is finally consummated but short-lived when the two young pilots fail to return from their last bombing raid over Germany and are presumed dead. The two nurses resign their commission and return home to the United States. The war ends with the return of war prisoners which includes our two young pilots, but upon arrival home, one of them learns that his girlfriend married someone else. The drama that follows shows how tragedy can serve humanity and all is well that ends well.

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  • James Longbow
    Male 20-27 Years old
  • David Siegel
    Male 20-27 Years old
  • Louise Lightfoot Songtag
    Female 20-27 Years old
  • Susan Hershey
    Female 20-27 Years old
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