Til Death Do Us Part
Til Death Do Us Part
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Coleman, Texas, United States

Coleman is a small lazy town in Central West Texas. It still has some dirt streets and some brick streets. There is little industry and for the most part is povertyville.

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This story is located in a small town in Central West Texas near Abilene in 2000 - 2009.
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With sand in the hourglass growing thin, Luke and Darlina Stone face trials that could destroy a lesser man and woman. Time slows down to a crawl. Life is measured in breaths and each comes with a price. Will fate allow Luke to sing his last song?


Over the course of Luke Stone’s life, he’s been everything from a simple farm boy to a singing star, from a convict to a family man.

Only one woman has managed to keep his out-of-kilter world on track. When Darlina Flowers danced her way into his heart so many years ago, he never dreamed she’d stick by him through the best and worst.

He should be satisfied. Yet, the lifelong dream he harbors deep in his heart – the dream of making music again – won’t let him rest. He grabs at one more chance to prove that he still has what it takes.

But, Luke’s body is failing him and he faces catastrophic changes that might end more than his re-born music career; they may end his life. He’s more determined than ever to provide for his family and share the music in his heart with them and the world in the days he has left.

In the dead of night when the world is silent and still, the forlorn hoot of an owl, his spirit animal, sends a warning up his spine too strong to ignore.

Will fate allow him to sing his last song?

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  • Tom Selleck
    Tom Selleck as Luke Stone
    0 60 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Meryl Streep
    Meryl Streep as Darlina Stone
    Female 50 Years old
    © Getty Images
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