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Leiden, Netherlands


Present Day

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Elizabeth Yale, 15, clings to life. Her plan to save the Whizbang machine backfires. Grandpa Jack must save her and pick up their race against the clock. With the Whizbang machine missing, Tunney's Curse rages out of control. Never before have guarded secrets threatened a nation or a royal throne.


Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Yale clings to life. Her plan to save the Whizbang machine backfires.

As her grandfather Jack feverishly works to save her, the Whizbang factory begins to topple down around them. Elizabeth nearly slips away and is forced to decide between fighting to uncover the truth or ending the chase once for all. Recommitting to the fight, the pair narrowly escapes, but not without realizing the Whizbang machine is missing. Without it, their mission comes to an abrupt halt.

As Tunney's curse rages out of control, no one in the quaint Dutch town of Leiden is safe, and no one is free from suspicion either. Jack and Elizabeth uncover a new set of clues left behind by Elizabeth's deceased father, Jesse, which includes a long-lost journal written by George Tunney. The prose inside raise further suspicion and cast the Yale family in an even darker light.

Each tick on the timeline must be investigated before Elizabeth's mother's 40th birthday―which is mere days away. If not, Elizabeth stands to lose her only remaining parent.

As they dig, the pair, alongside Detective Henry, are sent on a wild chase that takes them into the dark underbelly of the Netherlands, into the city's canals looking for a sunken clock, through the private chambers of a Queen, and into the dark face of danger.

Will they gather the correct clues and stop the curse in time? Is someone among them pledging their allegiance to the other side? Regardless of the outcome, the ultimate question remains: Will someone fall to the curse once and for all?

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Cast Wish-List
  • MacKenzie Foy
    MacKenzie Foy as Elizabeth Yale
    Female 15-16 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jeremy Irons
    Jeremy Irons as Jack Yale
    Male early 60s Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Scott Eastwood
    Scott Eastwood as Jesse Yale
    Male 39 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Odette Annable
    Odette Annable as Laurel Yale
    Female late 30's Years old
    © Getty Images
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