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An island in the Bermuda Triangle with cities trapped in time. 16th century Spaniards. The 14th century pirates. The Inca Indians. The WWII soldiers.


An island in the Bermuda Triangle with cities trapped in time. 16th century Spaniards. The 14th century pirates. The Inca Indians. The WWII soldiers.
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Submited by: Stacy Bender (Writer)
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Stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle with cities trapped in time, the people either want to enslave her or worship her as a god. She going to start a war.


Old and frail, Danielle ‘Ursa’ Kane, sits in a castle high in the mountains. She tells her audience how she ended up on the island.
After her plane crashes, Danielle, a martial arts expert, wakes in a plantation home on an island trapped in time. She’s told by Morgan that she’s in danger, but he’s willing to help her. He tells her that he’s a spy from the opposite side of the island where people believe in freedom. At first, Danielle thinks he’s crazy. She soon realizes he is telling the truth after he makes up a wild story about her being a princess from the outside world.
The plantation owners, seeking status and money, plan to present her to society and auction her off to the highest bidder. Danielle struggles to keep in character while Morgan covers for her with more lies.
When the governor puts his bid in for Danielle, the local masked hero steps in and offers to help both Danielle and Morgan. A bargain is set, but goes awry when the governor’s jealous progeny drug Danielle and sell her to the pirates.
Danielle uses her skills to escape and travels the jungle paths in hopes of finding Cyclone City where Morgan tried to take her. On the way, she finds a nest, and the remaining chick imprints on her. She also picks up a gypsy who agrees to take her to Cyclone and informs her that the chick is one of the islands most poisonous flying snakes.
Once in Cyclone, Danielle is welcomed by most of the residents and is surprised Morgan had a dojo built for her. Students are nonexistent until a bar fight, where Danielle comes out the victor. Many of Cyclone’s residents are descendants of WWII soldiers and the Admiral talks Danielle into helping. He explains that war is imminent between the east and west sides of the island.
The chick soon grows to full size, and its insistence on riding Danielle’s back quickly has the native’s attention. Thinking she was sent by the gods, they agree to join Cyclone’s army.
On the day Cyclone receives word the main border town has fallen, Danielle learns she is to be the captain of a brigade charged with harassing enemy troops. Reluctant to take the position, Danielle accepts when it’s pointed out that she’s a natural leader.
In her first battle, Danielle shows her aggressive streak when instead of hanging back, she wades into the fight to take on the enemy captain. Her actions earn her the nickname Ursa, the great bear.
Most people believe Ursa is a man, and the mistake rankles Danielle.
Danielle keeps to her instructions until Morgan’s body is found along, with other refugees, hanging from a tree. She swears revenge and burns the nearby town to the ground before moving across the island.
Cyclone’s army keeps in contact via radio stations hidden across the island. The Admiral, unwilling to reprimand Danielle, gives her the green light to lead her troops to the main enemy stronghold. Fearing the church might get involved and grant the governor the use of its army, Danielle sends a party to ask the bishop to remain neutral.
Her army is almost halted at a city split by a river. After reinforcements arrive, Danielle uses trickery to reach the governor’s city and plans to attack Easter morning.
The morning of the attack, Danielle manages to kill the governor’s son. On the cathedral steps she learns the governor, in desperation, has kidnapped the bishop. Afraid of what will happen, Danielle and a team of men follow the governor into the city sewers where Danielle is injured.
She charges the gypsy to take the flying snake and go after the governor. Before he leaves, he confesses he loves her.
Surviving her injuries, Danielle waits for news of the governor’s demise, but is plagued by the realization of what she has done. Though claimed a hero, she denies the title. Even when the war ends and Danielle returns to Cyclone, she travels into the mountains to seek solitude.
Her reputation precedes her, and people, enamored of her legend follow.

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  • Danielle ‘Ursa’ Kane
    Female 35 Years old
  • Morgan
    Male 45 Years old
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