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Submited by: Richard (Rick) Marcum (Writer)
Writer(s): RICK MARCUM
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Young Cochiti Pueblo college student has created a technology more dangerous than a nuclearl bomb.


Edwin Teba, a sixteen year old Cochiti Pueblo Indian and student genius at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico has just been found nearly beaten to death. As Edwin’s genius was well known in the region, the beating has captured the public eye of northern New Mexico. Ever since the Spanish conquistadors, the region has been plagued with conflict between Hispanics, Anglos, Native Americans, artists, the desperately poor, the filthy rich, the conservative religious and nuclear scientist guardians of the U. S. nuclear arsenal in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The cultural conflicts still remain, as the Pueblo Indians have a history of being the last to drink from the well of good fortune. Edwin’s critical condition and the mystery of his attack are at the forefront of everyone’s attention.

Among those with particular interest in Edwin’s plight is his sixty year old college professor, Alex Lohr. Alex is in the midst of a new beginning to his life. His need for this new beginning comes as a result of his unfulfilled personal life. He has a legacy of financial success and wealth, which results from considerable unethical business practices. He has also endured some very sad events in his life, including the death of his only son, a U. S. Marine helicopter pilot killed in Afghanistan.

In many ways, Edwin has become a substitute son for Alex. But there is more that haunts Alex about Edwin’s attack and that is the fact that Edwin’s uncle, Mike Deerinwater. Mike is a reminder of one of Alex’s earlier reprehensible deeds. Alex’s initiated and convinced Mike to be a participant in a very shameful act which was seen on national television. The shame of the act caused Mike’s life to spiral downward. Alex has avoided any encounter with Mike, until the point when they meet in the hospital where Edwin lies clinging to life.

Alex and Michael discuss their pasts and go into some detail as to why they have both had disastrous lives. But they reconcile their history as they join forces to hunt down Edwin’s assailant. They are joined in the hunt by Jo Ann McAllen, Edwin’s computer science professor. Soon, all three learn that Edwin, through an association with a quantum physics expert at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, has developed an advanced algorithm for artificial intelligence, with great capacity...for both good and evil.

Jo Ann sees the potential of the algorithm and its profound capabilities. She and Alex become involved as they work closely on identifying potential culprits. But once Alex confronts the prime suspects nothing pans out. It was only through a surprise connection of Alex’s does the real culprit exposes himself. And the confrontation occurs at a time and place where only Alex is able to deal with it.

In the end there is a very violent confrontation and the culprit is killed. Alex is also wounded. While in the recovery phase he begins to challenge himself as to what has mattered to him in his life and how desperately he wants to actually find love. He begins to realize that the battle for Edwin has proven that he can change. He not only shows this truth to himself, but also others, especially Jo Ann. He becomes an old dog who can and does learn new tricks.

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  • Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson, Jeff Bridges
    Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson, Jeff Bridges as Alex Lohr
    Male 59 Years old
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