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The story is set in a small town in the South.

Near Future

This story is set in a near future or alternative world similar to our own; the major difference is that government and business have a closer, more corrupt relationship, and most Americans have removed their hair and fingernails and are now being persuaded to give up their noses.
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Rick has never been good at knowing when people are lying. Now the president is telling everyone to have their noses removed—it’s for the children, of course, and for charity—but that isn’t even Rick’s biggest problem.


Rick is watching television with his wife, Terri. The president is on the screen, and he’s encouraging Americans to give up their noses. He has already had his removed by the good people at BioLife Hospitals Inc., who have assured him that American noses will be shipped overseas and given to those less fortunate. Rick and Terri, along with everyone else who isn’t dirt poor, have already given up their hair and fingernails to help America win the war, so what’s a little more sacrifice if it will help the needy?

So Terri’s on board with the procedure. Rick isn’t so sure. He knows he’s bad at telling when someone’s pulling a fast one.

Rick’s foreman and (former) best friend, Earl, thinks they should do it. After all, the government’s giving out vouchers to help cover the expense of the surgery. But Earl and Terri had an affair that ended a year ago, thanks only to Earl’s erectile dysfunction, so his word holds no weight with Rick anymore.

Terri tells Rick she’s made an appointment with their doctor to discuss the nose removal—and they’re both going. If Rick objects to the procedure, Terri figures, the encouragement of a medical professional should assuage his fears.

But Rick is anything but calm when, still buzzed from a Saturday night out, he comes home to find his wife crying and drinking in bed. She tells him Earl came by and tried to force himself on her—and failed only because of his limp dick. Rick doesn’t know if he can trust her—what if they were getting back together right when he came home?—but drives to Earl’s house anyway. He beats Earl until he comes to his senses and realizes how badly hurt Earl is.

When Earl demands medical attention, Rick drives him to a BioLife Hospital and waits for him to come out of surgery, his suspicions mounting. Did Terri and Earl set him up? Sure enough, when he sees Earl, he finds that Earl’s nose was broken so badly that the doctors removed it, which was what Earl had wanted all along. Not knowing if his wife is cheating again—or if it’s even possible to know—Rick shoves a wad of gauze down Earl’s throat and ties his arms to the bed rails.

The hospital is quiet as Rick leaves. The only person he passes is a doctor, his face obscured by a surgical mask, but Rick swears there are two bumps underneath, where only one nose should be.

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