When The Cell Phone Rings
When The Cell Phone Rings
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Submited by: Jimmy Thomas (Writer)
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When Romell and Joseph create a new technological effect to add to their music, everyone else wants a piece of the action, leading them into one crazy adventure after another.


Synopsis of “When The Cell Phone Rings”
Genre: Adventure
Word Count: 56,300
By Jimmy Thomas

Romell and Joseph have been best friends ever since they started playing together as young kids. Romell always liked being the center of attention, while Joseph grew up having a non stop thirst to understand and learn about the world around him. I guess this is why one would say they became such great friends; neither was threaten by the others out look on life.
Romell now at college age has grown up and developed a real skill for rapping and putting musical beats together. He has an up coming show and asks his friend Joseph to come up with a new sound so he can show case it along with his new rap songs. Joseph just made an amazing discovery and decides to use it for Romell’s new sound.
It’s the night of the show and people from all over town are there at the club to support Romell and his event. Joseph has his equipment hooked up to the DJs equipment so he can add in the new affect when ready. Romell goes through his rap song and reaches the trigger point for Joseph’s equipment which then unleashes the new discovery on the crowd. It’s a signal Joseph discovered that he has embedded in a cell phones ring tone, which causes the body to have a feeling like that of an orgasm as the ring tones sound. The crowd goes wild at hearing and feeling the strange sensation.
Now that people have started to experience the ring tones from the different shows the boys are doing around town, they’re beginning to tell their friends and everyone now wants to experience it for themselves. This causes the boys to come up with the idea of starting a small business to sell the cell phone feature to people as they find out and become interested in the new service. They start there little make shift business on the universities campus grounds, but it grows much quicker then they ever could have imagined.
With the money they’re making from the new service there able to rent office space downtown and run a real business and hire a couple employees to help them out. The business continues to grow and people of influents start to take note of it.
Professor Blackwell is one of those people who learns about the boys signal and thinks he can use it in other ways if he’s able to get a chance at it. He works for the military as a civilian consultant and wants to experiment on it to explore other possible uses for it. He meets with Joseph and Romell and tries to make them an offer they can’t refuse.
After meeting with the Professor, both Joseph and Romell realize he wants to make their signal in to a weapon. Not feeling comfortable with the idea of the Professor experimenting with their signal and maybe causing a problem with their new found business, they try to come up with plans to work around him.
The Professor now dead set on getting the signal from the boys, decides to start other action just in case the boys don’t come around to his way of thinking. He contacts a judge so he can get warrants to make the boys give up their equipment in the name of national security.
A terrorist group also realizing like Professor Blackwell the potential of the boys signal try to get it from them also, but not with talk. Four gunmen with automatic weapons walk into the boys’ office and demand their equipment along with the software needed to recreate the cell phone signal. Joseph comes up with a brilliant plan to use the cell phone signal to incapacitate the gunmen for a short time so they can all make their escape out the back door.
Scared from how easy the gunmen were able to come into their shop to demand their equipment, they all hide out together in a distant location to figure out there next plan of action.

  • Jimmy Thomas

    Jimmy Thomas Great storyline and character development, with intriguing twists and turns

    2 years ago -

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Cast Wish-List
  • Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson as Joseph
    Male 19 Years old
  • Nasir Jones
    Nasir Jones as Romell
    Male 19 Years old

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