Whispers Among The Prairie
Whispers Among The Prairie
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Colorado, United States

The location of Oklahoma is also required due to the Battle on the Washita River.

Distant Past

The American West of the 1860's.
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Submited by: Michelle Roberts (Writer)
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Aurora House Publishing

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A story that has a lot of heart portraying two sides of conflict and betrayal in the American West incorporating real life history between the Cheyenne and US forces.


Black Kettle, Chief of the Southern Cheyenne tries desperately to save his people from destruction and believes peace is the only answer for his tribe to survive towards the incoming settlers and the US cavalry. He is the father figure to two orphans Morning Dove and Black Beaver, both siblings. His wife Medicine Woman Later also becomes a mother figure to them.
On Black Kettle's persistence, his friend George Bent teaches them the English language. He believes this is a positive move to help communication between the tribe and the US army.
Morning Dove receives messages from spiritual beings such as Sweet Medicine, the Cheyenne prophet. He suggests that "She will be a bridge to both worlds." This is evident when she accompanies Black Kettle to Fort Lyon and Fort Cobb as an interpreter. Fort Cob holds a big surprise where she meets Captain Clinton McKay.
An attack on Black Kettle's village at Sand Creek does not prevent him from keeping on the peace path. He loses some of his followers after the massacre, some going to their northern allies or joining the dog soldiers which Black Beaver does feeling the pressure to join.
Black Kettle's village is again attacked on the Washita River by the Seventh Cavalry, this is where he perishes alongside with Medicine Woman Later. Morning Dove is taken prisoner along with other women and children and taken back to Camp Supply. Morning Dove reconnects with Clinton and their friendship develops into much more, they try to deny their feelings because they are on opposing sides but eventually confess their love. Clinton takes leave to see his sister in Michigan and on his journey back to his post, he is involved in a stagecoach attack by Indians. Clinton is believed to be killed but is alive wandering the plains and takes a while to get back to civilization. Reports filter back and Morning Dove hears the news and is devastated and has to mourn in private as no one knows about her feelings apart from her grandmother. As time goes by, an arranged marriage is made by her tribe for Morning Dove to marry one of the tribes warriors. Clinton returns to find Morning Dove married, it breaks his heart and reluctantly accepts a position in Texas to help stem the Comanche uprising. As he travels to his post with the rest of the regiment, he leaves during the night to confess his love for Morning Dove and win her back. Once he did this he would return to his duty. They both confess their love. The regiment finds out that Clinton is missing and eventually find him. He is put on trial and found guilty of deserting. Clinton tries to explain the situation but it falls on deaf ears. His punishment to be shot by firing squad. Morning Dove doesn't know how to help him and tries to find her brother Black Beaver. The great spirit guides her to her brother who is now the leader of the dog soldiers. He devises a plan with the help of other Cheyenne warriors and storms the fort, Clinton escapes with Morning Dove and ride toward the Canadian border to find safety in a town called Hope Springs. They change their names just in case they are followed, they find employment together to help with finances. Hope Springs is a open minded town and eventually get married.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Josh Lucas
    Josh Lucas as Clinton McKay
    Male 32 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Michael Greyeyes
    Michael Greyeyes as Black Kettle
    Male 64 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Ashley Callingbull
    Ashley Callingbull as Morning Dove
    Female 23 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Michael Spears
    Michael Spears as Red Panther
    Male 35 Years old
    © Getty Images

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