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The story begins in Alaska, moves to Blackpool, England, and ends in Russia.

Present Day

Contemporary espionage thriller.
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Submited by: Holly Bell (Writer)
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A self-proclaimed whistleblower code-named ‘The Executive’ is releasing the U.S. government’s most secret documents. But what happens when the most damaging secrets aren’t even true?


Alaska finance professor and reluctant spy Kate Adams is back, but this time she’s in charge and determined to hunt down a self-proclaimed whistleblower code-named The Executive.

The intelligence community is reeling. It appears the United States government’s most secret documents are being released onto the Dark Web, but many of the most damaging secrets aren’t even true. Unable to separate truth from fiction, public outrage is growing over actions governments around the world are being falsely accused of taking in the global war on terror.

Still struggling with trauma from her previous mission, Kate Adams is pressed back into CIA service to infiltrate a radical anti-government group that may have ties to The Executive. Kate follows the trail to a 21st Century commune in England where, unlike their hippie predecessors, these collectivists have created their own illicit political, economic, and security counterculture on the Dark Web. New clues emerge when the commune’s crypto-currency is stolen and Kate gives chase across the continent where she is forced to face the sinister realities of the people involved, while regaining her personal sense of self-control in a most unorthodox way.

  • Holly Bell

    Holly Bell Espionage with a dystopian twist. A 21st Century version of Orwell's 1984? Great juxtaposition between the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s and contemporary hacker culture. The protagonist has great emotional depth and is easy to relate to. It has gotten great editorial reviews many posted on the book's Amazon site. From Kirkus Reviews: "Highly sensitive material purloined from National Security Agency computers keeps making its way into the news, much to the embarrassment of the nations targeted. American intelligence agencies are at a loss to uncover any clues and dub the perpetrator "The Executive," since the kinds of secrets he pilfers are generally restricted to a high level of security clearance. Professor Kate Adams is asked to help the CIA find the cyberthief responsible, which leads her to clandestinely infiltrate the radical group Programmers for Peace and Freedom. She feigns interest in the development of technology for covertly maintaining financial accounts overseas and isninvited to reside and work at a commune the organization maintains for its members. The group is an offshoot of another that has its origins in communist agitation during the 1960s but developed into radical anarchists, funded by the illicit trade of drugs and sex on the dark web. Meanwhile, an intramural agency battle over the case brews, pitting the NSA director, Adm. Doug Reynolds, against rival investigative departments, a tug of war that only intensifies after a computer expert reporting directly to Reynolds is murdered. As Adams closes in on the Executive, she is forced to painfully relive her traumatic past working for the CIA, memories that visit her in fits of panic. Bell(Trading Salvos, 2016) weaves an intricate tapestry of intrigue, intelligently plumbing the bleak depths of international espionage. Furthermore, this sequel is a timely meditation on the morality of large-scale whistleblowing on government, an unpardonable act of treason to some and a courageous show of heroism to others. What keeps readers immersed in the story, though, is the emotional depth of the protagonist; following the attack on the World Trade Center, she was inspired to join the military and became the only female soldier attached to a Delta Force Unit. Readers are slowly, tantalizingly issued details about her painful past--they learn she was kidnapped and tortured, that her husband died, that she was betrayed, and that she was reluctantly drawn into intelligence work and seems resentful of her permanent status as a pliable pawn. In addition, Bell paints a disturbing picture of the competitive dysfunctionality of American intelligence agencies as well as the murky amorality of the internet's shadiest corners."

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  • Kate Adams
    Female 37 Years old
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